The birthday of super Egyptian comedy " super Henedy"

The birthday of super Egyptian comedy " super Henedy"

Today is the birthday of everyone’s favorite comedian in Egypt, Mohamed Henedy. Henedy completed 58 years of giving happiness to the world with his work and existence. As he is having a long history of success in many aspects such as acting, dubbing, and singing, his special sense of hummer makes him one of the important stars in the Egyptian addition, Henedy has a strong existence on social media platforms with his posts, memes, and sarcastic comments with the stars and fans. Let’s dive a bit further into the most important part of Henedy’s journey :

Let’s imagine that we didn’t have Henedy as an actor because before joining the acting world he had trials in many fields. Maybe he was an officer because he was trying to join the police academy, but he didn't get it. After that, he wanted to be a footballer in Al- zamalek team. Furthermore, he maybe was a lawyer as he joined the faculty of law for two years, but in the end super Henedy graduated from the high cinema institute and became an actor.

Henedy was trying to take part in many films and series since he was a student to prove his talent. Henedey’s appearance makes everyone who sees him feel like he is a family member or a friend therefore the director Yousef Shaheen chose him to have his first chance and appearance in “Askendria leeh” movie in a short role but according to this role, Henedy’s had the second chance from the director Khairy Beshara to show up in “ Yoom Helw w Yoom mor” movie in front of the lady of the screen “Ften Hamama” to play a role of a director assistant in a scene. Therefore, he brought the lights on him to grab the special opportunities as a magnat.

Henedy’s played short important roles in many movies and series such as “Albakheel w ana “ with the screen’s monster “Fareed Shawky”, ” Alnawa”, “Bekheet w  Adeela” with the boss ‘Adel Emam” and “ Al-Batal” with the emperor Ahmed Zaki, therefore, he attracted the attention of the comedy makers that there is real talent coming soon to leave his signature in the comedy world in Egypt.

In the 90s Hendy launched as a rocket with a strong existence by “Abd al monem “ character in  Ismalia rayh gay movie which established his name as a comedy Actor and left his effect on people at this time by saying his comedy words and mention his name as a rising star has a special sense of hummer called “Mohamed Henendy”.

In 1998’s summer Henedy had his first hit “Saidi fi El-Gamaa El-Amrikiya” as a real launch to show up his significant talent and stardom to everyone. This movie was a turning point in Egyptian cinema history as it had the biggest revenue “27 million” at the box office at that time in addition, it generated a new generation who renewed Egyptian cinema’s path.

The filmmakers wanted to crown Henedy’s success and prove his talent more so they decided to make a new movie abroad to have new scenes in Egypt’s cinema with “Hamam fi Amsterdam” after that Henedy dominated the scene in Egypt and made everyone eagerly wait for his next movie every season at the cinemas. 

In the 2000s Henedy became among the superstars in the region with important hits like “Saheb Sahbo” with the superstar Ashraf Abdel-Baky, “Gaana Al-Bayan Al-Taly”, “Asker fil muasker”, “foul El-seen El-Azeem”, “Ya Ana Ya khalty”,” Wesh Egram”, “Andaleeb El-Dokki” “ Ramadan mabrouk Abou Al-ALamain Hamouda”, “Amir Al-Bahar”, “Tita Raheeba”, “ Yoom Malosh Lazma and other films. 

Henedy also has his successes in the drama field with the star-studded series “ Ard Alnefak” as he re-gained the lovely film for “Fuad Almohandes” into the scene again. Furthermore, Hendy decked his journey by making riddles like “ W Enta Amel Eh” which shared the screen with Alaa waly Al-Deen, Salah Abdallah, and Alaa Morsy. And “mosalsaliko” riddels as well.

Theatre is also a significant part that we can’t skip it because Henedy participated in many plays that have vivid scenes in our mind such as “Alabanda”, “Hazemny ya”, “Afroto”, “Taraeo” and returning over 15 years later with “Talet Ayam Fi Alsahel”.

The multi-talented Henedy also left his impact in the Dubing arts as he took part with his distinguishing voice with Timon's character in “Temon w Bomba” for the Egyptian version of the lion king, “Homer” Simpsons, “ The Monsters” with Mared wshweshny and others. 

 Henedy now has premiered a new movie in cinemas “Nabeel El-Gameel Akhsaay TAgmeel”, he is playing a role of a  plastic surgeon and he is competing with karim Abdel-Aziz’s movie “shalaby”.