Moustafa Mahmoud, 20 years old, a student at the 3rd year of faculty of Law, at Minia university.

Moustafa Mahmoud, 20 years old, a student at the 3rd year of faculty of Law, at Minia university.

coincidence can be the beginning of a path we didn't expected before, And that's what really happened with our hero.

Moustafa Mahmoud, 20 years old, a student at the 3rd year of faculty of Law, at Minia university.

He started working in graphic design since 4 years ago, but he had to go to many stages to work in these field, let's know our hero's story.

In the begining, he was a responsible child, as he worked in the early stage of his life in many different fields, by travelling to various governorates during summer vacation, he was only 10 years old, which is so hard for a child to do that.

At secondary stage, he was passionate about editing photos, but unfortunately he didn't have anything to help him to know about photoshop, untill he bought smartphone, and started to modify his photos by it.

Because of his passion for learning Photoshop, he saved money in order to buy computer, to be able to learn more and swim in these field.

Above all, Moustafa has most important soft skill, that has ability to get over difficulties, when he bought computer he still can't move a step, because of absence of internet at his home, but he didn't give up, as he went to one of his relatives to download vedios related to photoshop, then return to his home and listen to them, in these period he didn't know that photoshop was a career that can make money from it, he just learn it with the aim of modifying his photos only.

Day by day, The internet became available at his home, and he realized that there is filed which is known as graphic design, Hence, he started to know about it at internet, and started to try to do some designs.

At the last day of final exam of second year of secondary school, he get a work chance to do design to someone that live in Kuwait, actually, he worked on that design, but the result wasn't good enough, as he didn't have enough experience, he was just a beginner, but he continued to learn and gain more experience. 

On another hand, he continued to gain experience and started opening "Pinterest, and Behance", and scroll between designs, then opened YouTube in order to learn how to create these designs, to improve himself. 

The turning point happened, since he went to first year in university, While he looking for a job, by accident, one of his friend found advertisement on Facebook that there is company looking for graphic designer, he didn't hesitate to mention him, Thus, Moustafa  applied for it, and fortunately he was accepted.

Luckily, these company was so near to his university, After 6 months, beside that company, he worked with Agency in palestine from home, so he worked with 2 companies at the same time, one of them was full time, in addition to his university, but he balanced between all of them.

After that, he started to work as freelancer, he worked in Turkish company, and still moving between companies, and worked with different  clients as freelancer.

Currently, beside working as freelancer, he workes full time with Saudi company with 3 clients from different nationalities (one of them is from England and the other from Brazil).

Of course, all the progress and achievement of successes don't happen without presence of supporter in our life, our hero's supporter is his mother that always stand beside him step by step, support him, believe on him, that help him to do his best in every small thing in his life.

With regard to the difficulties, Moustafa told us that: At first he face obstacle due to absence of internet at his home, and shed light on the most important difficulty is limited of companies in Minia governorate.

At the end, Moustafa finished his talk by: If you want something to happened, believe on it, and you will reach it, however circumstances and difficulties are.