Nadine simply loves weddings. Just give her a call and she’ll be the first girl by the bride’s door.

Nadine simply loves weddings. Just give her a call and she’ll be the first girl by the  bride’s door.

Have you ever taken a glimpse on the other side and realized it’s not exactly as you thought it is?

Nadine simply loves weddings. Just give her a call and she’ll be the first girl by the bride’s door. But when she had the chance to take a glimpse at the other side of a wedding’s preparations. And it wasn’t as joyful as she imagined it.

She didn’t like it and what does Nadine do if she didn’t like anything? Well, she changes it. That’s exactly her shining moment. And Farahy was born. 

Nadine farrag graduated with a double degree in Business Marketing and Mass communications journalism from AUC. This year she’s welcoming the second anniversary of her own business. She’s the founder & CEO of Farahy.

Farahy is a one-stop hub for all wedding needs and preparations. Farahy started as a website then expanded to contain a lot of different, exciting services.

Such as farahy shop, media coverage, and last, but not least genie service.

For sure the transformation from being an employee to being an entrepreneur wasn’t easy in any of its aspects, but it was definitely worth it.

When you start your own business you have power over almost every tiny detail of it, but as we all know with great power comes great responsibility.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to say goodbye to stable working hours and your lifestyle routine. But no matter what the consequences are Nadine is forever proud when she’s helping a bride turn her dream into reality.

She’s proud of turning all the tension behind the wedding scenes into a forever happy memory.If there’s one word that describes Nadine it’s for sure activeness.

She started working before she even graduated. Her schedule was always full. Internship, courses, and traveling was a lifestyle for her.

She was working before she even graduated.Nadine said that she can’t imagine herself starting Farahy without all the experience she gained in various institutions and multiple positions.

She literally worked in all different types of organizations. An enormous corporate, a small company, or even a start-up.

So let’s take you on a brief tour of her exciting, motivating experience. Nadine worked under several titles in marketing. Tabibi 24/7, Forum nexus study abroad, in Vodafone she was a passionate marketing and communication team leader and a marketing manager in Amr Helmy Designs. 

Her experience as an AUCian didn’t stop with her graduation. Nadine was a senior events’ officer at the 100thanniversary of the AUC, which counts as the most important event in the history of the American University in Cairo.

She is privileged by having many supporters surrounding her with encouragement and love, starting from her partner Aleya, her family, and her fiancé. Yet she also advises any entrepreneur that encouragement comes from within first.

So you need to be your own biggest cheerer.Stay tuned for the second anniversary of Farahy this September and for the years to come.

As Nadine farrag and her partner, Aleya Shaalan are actually planning to take a huge step further by expanding their business to become the largest one￾stop hub for all wedding services in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa.