Nabila Abdel-Gawad is a fiction writer, born in November 1999

Nabila Abdel-Gawad is a fiction writer, born in November 1999

Freedom from fears makes you always move forward, if the falcon looked under it, it would not have flown from the first 


Nabila Abdel-Gawad is a fiction writer, born in November 1999, she is 22 years old, and she holds a Bachelor of Commerce 2022. She works as a journalist and literary editor at iRead. 


Nabila liked to describe herself as a lover of freedom, and she greatly appreciates experiences. She likes to do many different things and has nothing to do with each other, all of which makes her feel what she is. 


Nabila had a talent for writing since she was young, but she was always afraid that people would see her writing. She had a feeling that these writings were things that belonged to her, and only this feeling continued with her until the period of 2020, and the quarantine, during this period, Nabila completed a novel that she had started since 2018, and then decided To challenge herself and publish this novel in order to get rid of her fear, and the idea that her writing is something that belongs to her,With the encouragement of one of her colleagues who read the novel, she decided to take the step of paper publishing, at that time Nabila presented it to a publishing house and entered a reading committee and was accepted, and surprisingly, she achieved a very great success for a writer who is still publishing her first work of fiction, and after that she decided that she must submit a literary production every year Or two years, And indeed, Nabila has produced two novels 

(The Destinies Pub and Farewell to the Marionette). The first novel, “The Destinies Pub”, was shortlisted for the award for the best emerging literary work for 2021 at the iRead Awards, and now her second novel, “Farewell to the Marionette”, is nominated for the award for the best emerging literary work. 2022 at iRead Awards. 



Nabila was not satisfied with this, so she continued in the field of media to make many video and written interviews with famous literary and artistic community in the two largest events to support women culturally “iRead Her” and intellectually “a new one”, in addition to her work as a directing and preparation assistant in the “Spartaya” program, one of the most important Jesuit programs I was interested in art and cinema, so I decided to work on writing the first script for a short film bearing my name. 


But as of course, they did not erase the obstacles. The most difficult thing for Nabila was the front of her view of the literary community as a 

whole, because she looked at the medium with a different view and her thinking was always positive, and she forgot that it is a field like any field in which it is positive and necessarily negative. 


Each of us has a secret of success, and Nabila’s secret is her constant will. Looking ahead, she does not have the idea of comparing to others, and she always feels that she does not have the luxury of time to make her stand and engage in a lot of arguments.. The important thing is then that she achieves everything herself and reaches the picture that she paints herself with. In her imagination? 


 Nabila advises young authors to have confidence in themselves and their talent first. 

They work on themselves to the last breath, they are fully aware that success contains many moments of failure, so they must try all the time, and most importantly, compare their experience with the experience of someone else.