“Youssef Ayed,” 20-year-old, from Alexandria and who third year student of the faculty of commerce English section, Alexandria University.

“Youssef Ayed,” 20-year-old, from Alexandria and who third year student of the faculty of commerce English section, Alexandria University.

Whatever happens, he gets up again and fights to the end not broken by battles, his journey started from football to presenter gaming video and ridicule video content until his content is meaningful. He is “Youssef Ayed,” 20-year-old, from Alexandria and who third year student of the faculty of commerce English section, Alexandria University.

His hobby was as a child who played football in sports clubs and dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, or a bank employee, but he found that didn't serve his ambition,but during his preparatory and secondary studies,the situation quickly changed and shifted to gamer and PUBG Streamer.

During this time, he gets to know his friend gamer " Mohamed Hassan ", who suggested that he present gaming content on social media sites,at that time Youssef was participating as a competitive player in Online Gaming Tournaments.In the coronavirus period, he was studying General Secondary,most of his companions started to present Streaming Content and they got fans and profits from the content they offer and found it to be a good and profitable.This led him to consider Mohamed Hassan's previous suggestion.

In July 2020 Youssef began his journey through his page" UsefAyed-يوسف عايد “,he presented gaming video content about (Pubg Mobile Live Stream) for 7 months, and he found interaction and people liked what he presented,and then he found out that he had a talent and a skill in Voice Over,

and his ability to communicate through voice over technique of living people a part the condition and mood through his ability is to control the tones and effects of his voice through the microphone even if he doesn't appear in the video so that people care more about what you hear than what you're watching.

And after his fame and increasing his followers,his friend Mohamed Hassan suggested that he present other useful content that unrelated to gaming because he knows that Youssef's brain is good and will be professional in new content,but Youssef didn't care.

He found that the fans of the page were just Gaming Lovers, and he wanted to target a segment of a larger audience from different segments of society, not all of us in the gamer’s community,and he also found that his thinking is greater than talking on games.

After a period, Youssef was convinced of the idea of transformation to present an updated content, and it was a good opportunity for him,then he notified gaming followers of a link to a new page he created to offer them gaming video content on it at intervals but not continuously and focus on the new content through the same page.

Then because he was a General secondary student, he joked well in a video about General Secondary Education Certificate,he found the interaction incredibly good and funny,and then he relied on react by voice over, through that he presented four "comic, ridicule, and criticism videos " of the celebrities of Tik Tok and social media for unconvinced him of what they presented and for abusing the reputation of Egypt and Arab world.

But after a while, he found that he became like a critic of them and caused them to become more famous and increase the trend of their follower’s growth rate and did not benefit from that,he asked himself (why would I be a reason to defame them?).In Youssef's journey to search for clean comedy content, he was confused:Youssef was a great fan of meaningful content creators whether useful content or laughter Without triviality such as:

- " Da7ee7 - الدحيح " by Ahmed EL-Ghandour

- " Espitalia - الاسبتالية " by Eman El-Emam

- “طحالب Tahalip“to communicate an idea by speaking character animation,

that made Youssef think about present fixed character to attract attention to listen to him more than focusing on the character movement.Social Media controls 90% to 95% of our lives,this is what made Youssef transform his content to be meaningful to present (an idea for people or clean and nice comedy content) away from dirty humor.

On that trip, Youssef found messages from most fans of his character, his page and his followers are young people, and they told him “That we consider you and take you as role models and ideals for us ".then he felt responsible for what he presented and had to review himself and his content,and his dissatisfaction with what he presents and the dissatisfaction of Allah with what he presents.

In 2021: and at that moment, Youssef deleted a satirical video even though he made a profit and 3 million views,

and he felt and thought about turning to another content that was bigger and more mature than it was before,

to be his own content, so he presented meaningful content in which it discusses the Controversial and social issues in Egypt and the Arab world such as (depression - domestic violence).And the audience turned to follow Youssef and his meaningful content and people started to know him more on the street because he presents them attitudes, they had experienced before when they were young through Briefly and summarize content,

Youssef hasn’t only done so but also presents analysis of the attitudes and history of the achievements of famous People from his own point of view.

Currently, Youssef tries as much as possible to fears Allah in what he presents is permissible or impermissible,

and to prevents him from making the mistake through social media and to reconciled with himself and psychologically balanced,

and he seeks to be a positive human being who is satisfied with what he is doing and satisfies his conscience because in the end there is no complete human being.

His relations are good with other content creators and the disagreement is always on the content that is presenting by some content creators.

And which currently distinguishes his content:

-  Dependence on Voice Over

-  Short videos summarized in 4/5 minutes, so people don't get bored.

- Discussed contemporary issues and situations.

Youssef faced challenges at the beginning of his presentation of content and was able to overcome them:

- Has insufficient information on the field of video content creation,

and a few people who helped him or taught him at first, and he didn't get a good benefit from the majority.

He helped himself with a self-learning from YouTube and began understanding in lighting and in sound editing.

- presenting content requires availability (sufficient time to create content and he was studying at the time).

It also needs high requirements, and he faces financial challenges, these include:

- Lack of strong Internet.

- The lack of a professional camera for high-quality videography, and his mobile camera's quality didn’t fit either, 

he replaced this by borrowing his friend's webcam for a month.

- lack of professional Microphone and replacing this with a mobile microphone and depend more on the voice over.

- Lack of high Capabilities of Computer and it needs approximately 20,000 EGP).

Youssef decided to rely on himself and not to seek financial assistance from his parents, because it was a risk, he wanted to take it alone and not sure to get a profit from the content he would present, so he put his trust in Allah.

In that period, to be able to present the first video of his page content, only 300 EGP were available,he allocates 150 EGP for the purchase of wallpaper as a background for the decoration of his room and 150 EGP for Logo design for his page.


At the start of his page, he asked for the help of his friends who had become famous before him in gaming video content to collaborate and present a shared video online with him and they, but they refused despite their long friendship.

Youssef completed a determination and endeavor and began gaming video content alone,

and he decided to allocate the profits he would earn from his page content to develop its content,

already two and a half months later, he Got a small amount of cash,

and he could buy a camera for 2,500 EGP.

- Buy a microphone.

- Equip his room well.

- Buy Stands, Soft Box and Lighting System.

And all the praises and thanks be to Allah, step by step, he started buying every need.

Youssef was floundering in the beginning about what kind of content he would present:

- present bad content and be famous quickly?!

Or useful content and be known slowly and wait years?! and he gets views from high-end people.

And in September 2022:

Youssef faced a new challenge after his page reached 422 thousand followers,

the page has obtained 4 irregularities due to Facebook standards and this will of course affect the effectiveness of the page and the profits will stop.

He tried several times to communicate with Facebook management, but unfortunately, he could not get a solution to his problems,he had only two alternative choices:

- Either he stops presenting his content and close his page!

- Or complete on a new page.

In the end, he chose to create a new page and informed fans of the link to the new page to begin his marches in resolve and struggle again.

He wishes himself to be a good, different, meaningful start and present more whipping and his new page became (يوسف عايد UsefAyed), that now reached to 12 thousand Likes and 34 thousand Followers and will be increased.

His slogan story:The video intro was thirty seconds and started with the words "This video is comical and has no purpose other than to ridicule", quoted from Quoted from the Introduction to " Al bernameg " Program by Bassem Youssef,

after a while he found it a long sentence and thought about another attractive and creative intro to fit his latest content.

Until he liked Track's title of his favorite Alexandrian rapper "Afroto" (El track Da W7esh - This track is bad), turn it into (W El video Da W7esh - And this video is bad), 

and he was impressed by a sentence from the Egyptian movie scene "Keda Reda" starring Ahmed Helmy, (I told you; this Cypriot wine will whip you) “Hylaswa3ak”

he quoted the word " Hylaswa3ak - هيسلوعك".And replace the old intro with the new one, until it became the current video intro "W El video Da W7esh Hylaswa3ak - هيسلوعك - And this video is bad, will whip you ".

And he considers it good for reasons:- To relate in the minds of followers when they see him on the street and be through his own Slogan famous for something shocking such as (Elmelaswa3aty - الملسوعاتي), “The Whipper”.

- Because The human is inherently curious and to know what is bad and they will want to follow and watch the video and eventually they will not find insult.

Content always evolves because he is dealing with the content industry through Plan system both in scheduling the time between each content and the other, or dividing tasks by the days when he is self-reliant and does everything from A to z:- Writing a full script with everything he knows.- Writing content "to make it as uncritical content as possible, taking into account talking about a particular topic from all perspectives.

- Voice Over and videography.

- Montage and edit.

And he only collaborated with an illustration artist to draw him 20 Animated Characters to added in the video.

Youssef's most important participations:- Youssef is happy to participate in an advertisement for Faculty of Applied Arts, as voiceover in a simplified and upscale method to present Faculty of Applied Arts, its departments, specializations, and pre-application stages to enroll students in the faculty.

- In March 2021: Participate as a competitive player in live competition under the slogan “Melouk El Gaming " (FIFA) level up, is part of SAFEMODE " season III " Sponsored by Telecom Egypt & Organized by BME eSports.But Youssef rejects offers that do not fit his target,and he exposed to one of the strangest situations,

when a social media celebrity asked him to create a special video to mock him and insulted him to provide him to increase the number of followers with social media reach and Youssef refused that.

He dreams of reaching his future goals, which he aspires to:- He was able to mobilize an audience of followers with high thinking and aspire to more who follow the meaningful content and not insults.

- To complete his work in the content creation field because it is needing time and stages,

he therefore aspires to specialize in his field of study in Digital Marketing to benefit from it in his current field of content creation and to understand the field of advertising and promotion and to learn more about content marketing industry and target all groups of society correctly and well and know "consumer behavior" to give them what they need whether through his pages or through his work in a company,

or for his own business, and he is planning it right now, but he isn’t rushing it.The motivations that keep him completing his journey of success: Youssef is a person who hates failure, repeats the attempt, too much fighting and has insistence even after the loss.

But Youssef considers the path to his success needs lot of striving and he has the determination that he will be an influential and well-known figure in all Egypt and the Arab world, and aspire to travel and talk from all over the world about topics that benefit people.

There were also supporters of Youssef, they are:

- Comes first, his parents: his first fans and always encourage him to continue.

- His friend Mohamed Hassan and the first to support him and strongly encourage him to start content creation correctly.

- His companions (from his area of residence on the street or who sits with them in the coffee shop)

- The fans and their love and encouragement for him and his feelings towards them are like his sisters, brothers, his companions and talks to them, "my friend",

and he allows them to criticize its content and respects their point of view, and they often have a right, and he promises them that the next videos will have liked them. 

He also subjected to negative comments from followers, such as (what is your content to speak like this) just because they have not completed their listening to the video to its end,

but he also doesn’t accept the insults against him and his family.

Of the best advice he would like to give to young people, especially in the current period under economic and social crisis, Youssef said:

- Nearness to Allah to protect against mistakes.

- Observance of the human conscience in the Performance of each work.

- Every content creator must provide meaningful content that is valuable, meaningful and without prejudice to the morality and traditions of society and not just as a business for money, because Children consider them to be ideals.

- Young parents have a responsibility in shaping the child's awareness and upbringing,

whether by letting their children follow content alone unattended in the open online world,

or the content that parents follow and by extension their children follow with them and influence them, and this constitutes the child's personality, either balanced or toxic personality.

He also expressed his pleasure and gratitude at completing his dialogue for Concept Egypt magazine.