worked in a small shop as a salesman and continued to strive to reach high positions inside and outside Egypt.

worked in a small shop as a salesman and continued to strive to reach high positions inside and  outside Egypt.

Success wasn't coincidental; he firmly believes hard work pays off. In his early career, he worked in a small shop as a salesman and continued to strive to reach high positions inside and outside Egypt.

Ahmed Abdullah, a young Egyptian entrepreneur, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Department of Business Administration, Helwan University in 2009. Then began working in the field of human resources management, and occupied all positions related to this specialization. He has over 15 years of experience in the field.

His LinkedIn profile shows several certificates, diplomas, and master's degrees (MBA). I asked him about his experiences about how important it is for entrepreneurs to continue their education. His response was that the entrepreneur, or even an employee in a field, must be familiar with the sciences of that field through continuous certificates and studies, and after that comes the role of practical application. Without applying the science under a specific plan, there is no benefit from any certification.

Despite his father's advice to him to work in the field of sales. Meanwhile, he was more inclined toward the field of human resources management, and he challenged himself to surpass those who were older than him in this field within five years. And indeed, he reached the highest positions in this field within Egypt and abroad. In addition, he had a mission and message, from his work in this field, which is "to be a reason to help the largest possible number of people in obtaining a job that provides them with a decent life."

Using his experience in human resource management and his entrepreneurial ambitions, he founded a company to work in the field of e-commerce with a group of partners. However, after a short period, he did not notice the results he expected from the startup. Therefore, he decided not to continue and returned to administrative work again. However, he did not give up his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. As a result, he is now in the process of opening his own company “????ҽɳιҽ ℙσɯҽɾ”, which specializes in recycling, electrical and hand tools, as well as manufacturing aluminium kitchens for new cities.

He expressed his next goal with his desire for Egypt" for the continent of Africa" to be similarly powerful as America in terms of economics. And he dreams of forming an empire that cares about sustainable life and climate change. Like any owner of a success story, he met many challenges and difficulties on his way, but he did not give up and did not stop Pursuit, believing that God crowns every quest, whether with success or learning from experience.

In conclusion, he gave his advice through his experience to young entrepreneurs, especially in light of the current economic situation. The summary of the advice was not to drift behind the discourses that encourage leaving permanent jobs and opening private projects. Without sufficient study for this step and without the assistance of experienced consultants, or even in the event that there is no financial cover to satisfy his material needs for at least one year.