" To know that your journey is completely individual, either enjoy it or give in to your weakness".

" To know that your journey is completely individual, either enjoy it or give in to your weakness".

Nourhan Sherif Al-Aseel, an entrepreneur with the biggest challenge in her life (fibromyalgia), tells us her story from the beginning.


" An excerpt from the life of Nourhan Al-Aseel."


Nourhan Sherif Al-Aseel, age 29, graduated from the Faculty of Media, Department of Journalism from MSA university, then studied marketing and specialized in it, but that syndrome was an obstacle between her and her dream of establishing an advertising agency specialized in medical marketing. She was able to work part-time as a marketing manager and content creator with the largest medical centers in Egypt.

At high school, Al-Aseel worked in the marketing team of the well-known preacher Mustafa Hosni, and she learned from this experience the basics of marketing. Hence, she loved the marketing field ,along with her main passion, which was the journalism. 


In the second year of her university life, Nourhan was a trainee at  "ممكن" magazine, and here she got to know her husband, Dr. Amr Kamel, who proposed her for marriage during that period, and she agreed.

Of course her parents rejected at first, and Nourhan said, "My family is considered very democratic, and after their opposition, they agreed on our marriage, and I got married in the second year of university."


It may have seemed difficult for Nourhan to balance between her marriage life with her university ambition. However, she took the advice of her university professors and the main supervisors of her thesis, who are Dr. Hala El Zahed and Dr. Hanaa Marei, to complete her university studies along with her new life.


Indeed, she  graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication with honors. 


“I consider myself as a risk taker”


This is what Nourhan said when she talked about the most important events that shaped her life. She tried to  rearrange those events in a way that allows her to feel psychological peace.


She takes risks from the first situation. Although she studies everything very well at the same moment. 

The first and most important risk in her life was her early marriage to Dr. Amr Kamel, a well-known writer and novelist. But he was one of the first supporters of Nourhan in her university and creer, and then supported her when she was diagnosed with "chronic fibromyalgia".

" Nourhan and Fibromyalgia overcome pain with work".

This young woman had (fibromyalgia) four years ago.

She was diagnosed with( fibromyalgia) in 2018 after giving birth to her second child, and as many women, she suffered from postpartum depression which made accepting fibromyalgia very difficult for her.

For those who do not know (fimbrology), it is a multi-symptomatic disease that affects the central nervous system of the body, giving signs of pain and stiffness of the muscles in addition to blurry vision and forgetfulness. It also affects women more


“An event made her rearrange her life”


In 2021, Nourhan’s mother sudden death considered a watershed point that she was able to turn into something that alleviates the matter, so she had to resist, believing that she was still on the ground, and her journey is individual. 

And through Nourhan’s closeness to the medical field, she was able to obtain some courses that contributed to her thinking of creating a simple project that is a trademark " L' art de M" specialized in the manufacture of massage oils, relaxing salts, and candles.

This is to help patients with fibromyalgia or depression to relax.

Nourhan, through Brand" L' art de M" makes all products with 100% natural ingredients, such as soap and candles, and also uses social media platforms to raise awareness about patients with chronic fibromyalgia, in parallel with marketing her products.


She admits that her brand L' art de M sends a message of support to patients with fibromyalgia, and a plan for depressed people to live in a better way while taking their sessions and medications. 

Therefore, among the products was a group of designed stickers, and videos to support  patients with fibromyalgia. 

Through her journey and her great experiences with depression and fibromyalgia, Nourhan always tries to provide support for those who are suffering from the same conditions with a message wishing that whoever does not find support, she will always be there for them.

She doesn’t only invest money but also makes awareness about fibromyalgia with her products and pages on social media.


And in the end: we always strive to reach, so let us always fight everything that confronts us, let us reach what we want, because we have a mission and we must perform it in a manner commensurate with our ability fight.