Wisdom is knowing what you should do, skill is knowing how to do it, and success is doing it, and this is what Ahmed Nasser did

Wisdom is knowing what you should do, skill is knowing how to do it, and success is doing it, and this is what Ahmed Nasser did

Ahmed Nasser is an ambitious young man of 29 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Education, English Department, Ain Shams University in 2016, and has been an English language lecturer since he was studying at the university in 2015.

His journey with the English language began when he was in high school, by watching motivational films and videos. At that time, his interests were writing stories and short articles in the Arabic language, but he started converting them into the English language, which he was passionate about.

Ahmed is a young man who did not give up at the beginning of his career, as he worked in many jobs such as a waiter in a restaurant, a supervisor in an educational center, a teacher, a graphic designer, a call center for Vodafone, a content creator for the page, and a teacher in an international school until he arrived today to be a certified trainer from Cambridge.

He is currently working as a Cambridge English Language Assessment Certified Teacher Trainer, has trained over 150 teachers, and is a Cambridge Certified IELTS Trainer.

His success did not stop there, so he created his first page on social networking sites, which is advice in English, and his message to followers is, Why? You can get into anything, and his goal was to teach the language to as many young people as possible by giving him some light advice in English.

Every success story has a hidden side. One of his biggest problems was his lack of self-confidence when speaking, but he overcame that by practicing the language with himself and in his daily life. Also, one of the difficulties he faced was the difficulty of reaching people at the beginning of creating his page, but until he reached 240,000 followers on his Facebook page.

And he gave a message to young people: do not rush to reach it. Imagine standing under a mountain and wanting to reach its top, while you are still learning to climb mountains...Will you succeed? You will definitely be disappointed and do nothing. Divide your big plan into small goals that you can achieve in a specific time, and when you reach a small goal, thank yourself for the effort and effort, And know that understanding yourself is the key that will make you achieve your goal.