To Remember: More ambition, are more success"

To Remember: More ambition, are more success"
To Remember: More ambition, are more success"

Aziz Noureddine", Partner in a marketing advertising agency  " Social Republic, ad founder of the most important international events brand "Stage".

Who is Aziz Noureddine?

Aziz Noureddine, 32 years old, Bachelor of Mechanical Production Engineering, he works now in social marketing and public relations.

Aziz's passion for work was one of the things he continued to develop.

Aziz worked during the university period in sales, then he continued to hold several positions such as social media specialist, Art director, Events coordinator.

In 2015, since Aziz was working in the media and preparing parties and events, the idea came to establish a brand for that part, which is events and parties, and the idea was his personal idea, and don't forget also the people who support Aziz, who have always been by his side, including Tariq Mamdouh, Aziz's companion since high school, with whom they have a friendship and work relationship until now. 


About Stage brand.

Stage is specialized in organizing all events such as conferences, parties, exhibitions, social events and special events.

Through "Stage", Aziz was able to organize important events for international institutions and entities such as "Twitter, Mercedes, JINKO Solar, and the ice hockey tournament for the first time in Egypt."

Among the most important events that Aziz organized through "Stage": the ice hockey tournament in Egypt under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Canadian Embassy in Egypt, and the neo launch event is sponsored by Jinko, which is the Chinese energy company, and it is considered one of the 3 largest companies in the world and the first in the world in sales of solar energy.

JINKO in this event was celebrating two important things

The first is the launch of solar cells called tiger neo and secondly, with 100 GW Installed, which means they sold 100 gigawatts, and this is the largest sales for a solar energy company in the world in general.

There is also a reason for the event, which is to organize it in Egypt in the presence of a president the company and leaders from more than one ministry, because Egypt was at the time hosting the Climate Summit, which was held in Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The company at the time was present at the summit of the climate. .

 Also the opening of the "Ice Hockey Championship" in Egypt under which it is considered one of the three largest solar energy companies in the world and the first in the world in terms of sales.

Nothing is achieved easily, and therefore one of the most difficult things that I met Aziz in the "Stage" is the neglect of small details by the work team and this happens unintentionally, and as Aziz said, “Sometimes this problem, if it is not calculated , increases the time of the event and creates a problem, and therefore I was able to try to overcome it I always follow the details myself, review and write every need, even if it is not important to me at the time, and I do Many offline and online meetings with my work team and with the client himself, and we make periodic reports in order to come out in a distinctive way at the end.

One of the important events that Aziz punintentiona" Stage" is an event that is scheduled for the month of March under the name "Cairo Forum for Arab Media". This event is something different because it addresses media professionals only in Arab countries.

There are some tips Aziz gives it to young people like him, and he said about it: 

• That they believe in themselves and stay away from negative talk and frustration, and not waste time feeling the loss.

• It is important to prioritize them from the most important to the most important.

• It is important to organize their time because this helps to create an environment that enables him to focus and work.

 •They always has to study and develop himself in order to be able to keep pace with the progress he is living because any information he will know will benefit from it, even if it is in the long run.

• They should also choose positive friends who help them in their lives and who will benefit from their experiences.

 •  Try as much as possible to stay away from stress and   problems because they affect thinking, especially about work.

• It is very important to build relationships.

In the end, Aziz believes that "every time I have a real desire and diligence in what I do, I will be able to achieve what I want, even if it is not now, and whenever the work team continues to feel this desire, They will also help me to reach what I need," Aziz said.