Hala sedqi of our true body actually happened

Hala sedqi of our true body actually happened

The artist Hala sedqi  has revealed that the scene of the divorce ceremony on "Fatty Hope of War" is a moment of the heroine's salvation from the suffering she was living with her husband.

She continued: "Divorce parties have already happened before that, and their images and news have gone viral on social media, and here we are just embodying what's happening in society, whether this act attacks or not, but we are relaying what's happening in society dramatically."

She went on to say, "In a fascinating series, it was not the heroine who did the ceremony, but it was a group of close friends who did it, just trying to make her happy after her break - up."

Some also saw the moment of separation as difficult for women if there were good memories between the parties.

"Fatin 'a War Hope" airs on CBC, CBC drama and Dubai - a watch it - a witness platform.